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Permission to showcase Spoken Live! granted by Arula Records ℗ 1999 Arula Records.  All rights reserved.

Here be charm, street charm.  Here be poets and broken lights and broken tongues in the street language of divinity, in the splatter and dash of words rising out of the underground as words always did and always will.  All is language, all is buried, all is the primal urban street speaking now and again always.  In all ways.  We are whispering and screaming the ancient holy names of the City. All of them.  Or they scream through us and our tongues catch them as they can.   Four thousand years back from now we are chanting out of the fire and mud temples of the beginning, when the spoken word made the first City happen and the underground staked its claim on history. Indo-European into Greek into Roman into American into whatever is next.  And now from a stage of dusk and whisky in the open throat of Boston we catch the language again as it moves here and out into the next energy space of the next millennium. It was the Word that said “let there be light” and so the Word was God. From Sumeria 4000 BCE to Boston 1998, the Word continues in the holy stream and rush of poetry, the rushlight of words that here, now, o my brothers and sisters, burns like another heaven insistently into ours.

Delighted to bring you this offering of language, live!

Karen Michalson, President, Arula Records
Boston, Massachusetts February 16, 1999
©1999. Karen Michalson. All rights reserved.

Dreamscape is what William Gibson described in Neuromancer, “A graphic representation of data plugging your consciousness into a digital world, while watching the physical realm evaporate.”