KATE and TESS are hiking in white petticoats on the eve of their weddings to Lynceus and Idas of Thebes — CASTOR AND POLLUX are their cousins.  LAUGHING and holding hands KATE and TESS HEAR the horse’s hooves.  They run – as if playing Hide and Seek with their betrothed.  STOPPING on a hill, they look over their shoulders to listen closely at the threatening and all-pervading SOUND.  The CLIPPITY CLOP is SONIC now.   Still holding hands, KATE and TESS run in earnest.  CASTOR and POLLUX and their horses shake the ground.  They chase KATE and TESS until they stumble on the hems of their dresses – spent into CASTOR and POLLUX’S arms.  Violently, KATE and TESS are swept off their feet and lifted off the ground by rearing horses.  Pink and fleshy like the Leucippides, KATE and TESS are ripped from each other’s arms, screaming like Sirens — their hands are wrenched apart…


“When content on Dreamscape tells a story about a beautiful woman swimming in a pool – we want you to see her. We want you to stumble for points on a link you cannot see, fall down a rabbit hole — and land in an environment with a beautiful woman swimming in a pool, on the inside of a glass house — in Hollywood Hills…”

EXPLODE – The Writers Environment is the platform for curated and commercial content in an immersive and interactive meta-environment – and Dreamscape is the landing. Dreamscape is not a conditional statement, expression, construct – or problem to solve.

Dreamscape is the integration of the literary and literal in a space where form meets function.  As Matteo Pericoli put it, “Great architects build structures that can make us feel enclosed, liberated or suspended. They lead us through space, make us slow down, speed up or stop to contemplate. Great writers, in devising their literary structures, do exactly the same.”

Using the work backward method – technology is the result. Curating immersive content that people love – is conditional.  What fresh content would function like a breezeway for the suspension of disbelief?  What vehicle would trick the brain, and how many different ways and how often can we tell a story where the beginning and ending does not change?  What kind of content would show not tell the same dream, same kiss, and from a different perspective?

The Love Divine [LD] project is the first featured content on Dreamscape.  LD is an allusion to Carol – the highly acclaimed adaptation of Patricia Highsmith’s The Price of Salt starring Cate Blanchett, Rooney Mara, and Sarah Paulson.  The film is directed by Todd Haynes, and written by Phyllis Nagy.

Screenplays show – they don’t tell.  In this literary space, screenplays are immersive, and form meets function in an interactive meta-environment.  In this space — alternative master scenes do not change the beginning and ending of the story.  The LD project will function like a series, a literary franchise, an epic poem. Critical to the LD project are four dreams that will provide space for alternative master scenes from other writers and other voices…

Like Seth Godin’s Purple Cow — Dreamscape is remarkable — because it has to be. Or, it’s just another brown cow — an ordinary website — with ordinary content. But, Purple Cows need Purple Cows to be Purple Cows!  Dreamscape facilitates purple content, purple website design and development, and purple product placement — for purple people.

The LD project is an organic experience for the integration of art and science. Most importantly, Love Divine is a love letter to the endurance of art and love and Dreamscape is literal space for purple dreams for purple people. Please join me in welcoming the Original Screenplay, Love Divine!


Acknowledgement: Edited by Brahidaliz Martinez.


E Maria Shelton Speller


August 2019


Love, Luxury, Relationships